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Untitled by Sergio Varanitsa



I’m helping Max with a couple of things regarding his solo music ( including promotional pictures.

Despite Max’s incredible musical talent and confidence when performing, he’s actually very anxious when put infront of a camera (he definitely hates making eye contact with the camera). I tried the best I could to put him at ease but I think his awkwardness adds something to these shots.

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Self-portrait | 2014

Copenhagen based photographer. I spent a day shooting danish model Joachim Clausen Hansen for his portfolio. Amazing to work with. Here he is. Photo is called flowerpenis.

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Havilah, Jefferson Street, Dark Beauty Magazine # 34

H. James Hoff

XPro1, Natural light

Feminine beauty by Eduardo

Portrait of Nanoosh Strochnis. 

I’m a 23 year-old french photographer, I’ve been practicing for seven years and I want to do so as long as I enjoy it ! I love portraiture but I would say that I mostly like telling stories with my pictures. And, if you really want to know, this photograph was shot with a Nikon d610 + 58mm Helios lens.

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"String Machine" by David McCandless

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A. M. Boutin Photography


8.8.14                               Lady Morgana

Model/Stylist/Mentor: The Uncanny Tanya Dakin

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I took this image of Mitzi Mischief on my 50mm f/1.8G, it’s such a beautiful lens. I’ve never had tons of equipment, and none of the photographers I assisted had that much either, I think too many photographers in the digital age confuse themselves with bags of equipment. When I left photographic college and was looking for photographers to assist I contacted one particular portrait photographer because I liked his images. He said something which has always stuck with me, he said "I’m not sure there’s any point in you assisting me, there would be nothing for you to do as I only own one camera and one lens.". It made me smile then…and still makes me smile now. (Part of a series of portraits of burlesque dancers).

David Sylvian : Red Guitar