Brighton Fisher Man.

This is an image I took using a Mamiya RB with 120mm Kodak Portra for a documentary series about people who have a connection to the sea. 

I am a photography student currently on a gap year doing some small commissions before going travelling.

Gianluca Ferrazza, 24 years old - Italy

portrait - lifestyle - conceptual photographer




/// Resilience



night owl.

photograph by Nils Heck

Hello, I’m a 22 years old photographer from Romania, based in Italy and I start learning photography 1 year ago. You can also find other works on my tumblr : and on my fb page:

Fell free to share what you want if you like it :) Thank you very much for your attention .

"Tides "

Model : Khalila H.

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Doa en Pontón



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Canyon near Göreme, Turkey, 2012

Self portrait at a deserted Lake Louise, Canada at 8am.

I travel full time and take photos while I do it - I’m posting from my Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter. Come say Hi!

West Village musician sharing his music with passersby


Roland Bray

I asked Roland to work with me a few months ago and it’s taken us this long to arrange it. I was interested in Roland due to the awkwardness of himself, as well as how fashion conscious he is, and he didn’t disappoint when it came to the shoot.

Julien Ghrib Photographies :
Born 1986, working and living in Strasbourg (France).
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