Into the light.

Spontaneous street photography session in Woodstock, Cape Town. An area with a wide variety of people, steeped in character. Temporary outdoor “studio” assembled (battery pack, soft box flash, reflectors).

By: David Karnezos (@Dave_Karnezos)


How old are you?”

"Ten," answered Tangle.

"You don’t look like it," said the lady.

"How old are you, please?" returned Tangle.

"Thousands of years old," answered the lady.

"You don’t look like it," said Tangle.

"Don’t I? I think I do. Don’t you see how beautiful I am!” 

― George MacDonald

Alemler Village, Aydin, Turkey

© 2014 Nur Uretmen

From ongoing series ‘Just Series’


Welcome to my world.


(c) Ohyo Favis


 4.17.14        Jason Petta Physicist, Princeton University

He is one of the most intense guys I’ve ever meant.

Theodore Lewis

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Angelo Guttadauro
Fine arts photographers.
From Rome.

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Ruby on Moor Street, Soho London

instagram: @harmonyhalo

J A C E K   D A V I S

A Fashion / Portrait photographer & filmmaker
with an interest in Surrealism, Fashion and The Arts.



Hit the street again after months of winter madly dimming absent sunshine weather to take a few photo-graphs with one Mr. Orson B. Adams/ photry yesterday. He makes polymathy look easy.

by David Kamerov

Rome / Italy/ Europe/  2014

Smoking Partisan.


i use my first step like a death threat and then i walk hard 

model - @ohimsydney

makeup - @anthonyallennn