Model - Chanelle

Photographer: Jason Lorette

Nikon D7100 - 18-105 @ 105mm - f/9 - ISO 100 - 1/100

Kaparot Ceremony by Kieran Gosney

Shot with a Lumix GH2 and Olympus 45mm f1.8 lens during a Hasidic Kaparot ceremony in Williamsburg, New York. The older men and women were teaching the children, who tended to the chickens, how the ceremony was performed. Kaparot, meaning ‘atonements’, is a ritual deemed by those who practise it as a transfer of the sins of the past year on to the chicken. After the ceremony, the chicken is ritually slaughtered and often the meat is distributed to the poor. 

Hi! I’m Mariana. I’m a self-taught photographer from Colombia but based in Birmingham, AL. I love to shoot bold editorials. I also really enjoy using natural lighting when possible.

For this photo I used a 50mm f 1.8!

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'Untitled' by Sergio Varanitsa (few more photos from this set on Flickr)

just wanted to share with you this photo from the set with Anastasia Orlova. hope you guys like it)

also there will be some photos in color tomorrow

Nicolás Pujol from Argentina
Camera is a Lumix fz60 

Title: R e c o i l

The flight is long and my soul is short.

Photo shoot for Greg Oyan (2014).

I met Judith for the first time in the bar i watch football almost every weekend and i was stricken immediately by her appearance. I got to take her portrait in that bar a few times and today she came to my house for a few more.  Although i found it extremely difficult to do her justice , i was pleased with at least 2 or 3 of the photo’s i took. This one of them. The biggest problem with portraiture to me is to determine if you’ve actually succeeded in capturing something essential of someones personality, especially of someone you don’t know that well personally. Thanks very much Judith, for letting me practice!


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Pinned Down
by Trevor Drummond