Model: Aundrea  /  Photographer: Jason Lorette

Nikon D7100 - Nikkor 18-105mm - f3.8 - 1/640 - ISO 1600






Tamar shot by Maarten Schröder

Models Rock Agency


Model - Tess Dimos @ MOT Models

Photography - Matthew Ring

Shot at Create Studios, Brighton

Instagram - @_mattring


Cotton Picking 2


283/365 (1/9/14) by Sergio Varanitsa

it’s 4:40 a.m. at my place… a little bit tired. working a lot. reading about color and composition a lot. (but making b/w pics for ‘365’..=) genius.ahah)) photoshoping a lot. a lot. a lot.))
want to sleep. i’m happy actually))

trying not to think about all those things has to be done in a next few days. not to think. just do.

Model: Chanelle

Photographer: Jason Lorette 

Nikon D7100 - f6.3 - 1/125 - ISO 100





Kristine Froseth




Dark Temptation

Model: Cheryl Choe
HMUA: Barbara Cavalli

Copyright (c) Ashlee McLernon

Website: ashleemclernon.wix.com/iam-photography
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ashleemphotography


273/365 (22/8/14) by Sergio Varanitsa
don’t know if i’ll have access to internet for the next couple of days… but with the first chance i’ll have - i’ll post photos ;)

by the way… i received a lot of great compliments and comments in the past couple of days… thank you!… i really don’t know what to say. It means a lot to me.

and welcome all new followers ;)

I believe in capturing moments in their truest form. Photography to me is about that split second, that moment where everything falls into complete unity - being in the right place at the right time, in the perfect light, emotion and composition - and always striving to find that harmony.
My earliest memory of beginning photography was chasing bird feathers caught in the wind with a plastic toy camera when I was a child. I have always felt safe behind the lens.
- Tanya Voltchanskaya


"film + digital expressions of the female existence + other stuff"

http://www.courtneyrenee.format.com (Insta, FB, and other accounts can also be found here)

This photograph was shot using a Nikon D3100 up in a cemetery amidst the cornfield rows of Manor, Texas. A witchy vibe was felt and it went great with the clothes we brought- voila! The Dark Witch series was born. It and many other “girl worlds” can be seen on my website.